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HellYeah -- Lexington, KY -- May 9th, 2010

A radio show at Rupp Arena headlined by Seether and 5FDP. I left halfway through 5FDP for the long journey home. I will see them again at Mayhem this summer.

Lacuna Coil came out to a nice ovation. I didn't believe they would be accepted very well in KY but they were. This was my 6th time seeing them and as usual they put on a solid performance. I just wish they had a longer set list. Hopefully I will catch them on their next headline tour. Here is their setlist:

I Won't Tell You
Heaven Is A Lie
Our Truth

Next up was Drowning Pool. They were as good as the only other time I had seen them which was Cruefest last summer. Not a bad set, alot of the crowd was into them:

Let The Sin Begin
36 Stitches
Do You Feel Like I Do?
Step Up
Tear Away

After a long stage set up, HellYeah finally came out. It was my first time seeing them but it won't be my last. They rocked!!! They easily had the most brutal pits of the night. It was great to see former Pantera/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul back in action!!! Their new song Cowboy Way went over really well- lots of moshing during that song, most everyone seemed to know the lyrics. HellYeah actually went over better than the other bands combinded, including 5FDP. Here is their set:

Matter Of Time
Cowboy Way
Alcoholin' Ass
You Wouldn't Know
Hell Yeah

I saw some of 5FDP then left to drive back home for 3 and half hours. Seether is ok but not really for me. No hate, just not for me.

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