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Originally Posted by Uncle_Meat1940 View Post

I haven't heard much from this band that I liked, but musically this one is pretty fuckin cool. There are a lot of different styles of music Zappa made, maybe you just haven't heard the kind that ignites the flame. haha Or maybe he's just one of those guys you just don't like. Who knows? haha Aside from metal what kind of music do you like? Maybe I could find you something. Or if your not interested feel free to tell me to fuck off. haha
haha well metal is by far my favorite genre. i think of metal as like 10 seperate genres, because of all of the subgenres. but other than metal, i listen to some classic rock, some ska, and occasionally i can appreciate some alternative rock.

That video is really awesome, ive never heard or seen anything like that before! takes a lot of talent to do that. 9/10
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