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To Mank:


I listened to the whole song by the way. I can enjoy very off the wall music you just have to listen the right way, I more so enjoy Avant Garde over stuff like Noise, granted they are very different genres but at their core they incorporate a lot of the same aspects, although IMO Avant Garde takes a bit more thought, especially the good stuff. Although I kinda have assume you weren't posting that seriously. haha

Maiden: I haven't listen to these dudes but they've been on my to check out list for a while. I'm pretty picky when it comes to stuff like this but I didn't hate what I heard. Ill have to check a little more.

Halperin: 10/10 I guess cause I love them, although for it its kinda meh due to how many times I've listened to the stuff but it doesn't detract from the fact that it's a great song. I'm kinda sore at them for how long the new shit is taking.

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