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Originally Posted by Crionics View Post
Huh?? When was this??
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With MORBID ANGEL being somewhat notorious for putting out different-sounding records, this record will again be unique. With Trey's [Azagthoth, guitar] writing and everything, there are actually some electronic songs, for those who don't know there will be a good handful of electronic tracks.
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"We played the new song 'Nevemore' on the last tour and that kind of shows where our heads are at," he said. "I'd say it's like an assemblage of all sorts of stuff from the catalog and some new influences. I listen to a lot of hardcore [techno] music now the fuckin' serious, artistic stuff, not that crap you hear at the clubs. That stuff has impact and it's really extreme. Even if there's no guitar in it or no real drums, the energy coming out of the speakers is amazing."
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