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I am one of those people who hates Muse. There are few bands on this planet I dislike more - but more than the music, it's the fans. More specifically Mike Portnoy-junkies who believe that somehow, Muse is a progressive rock band. Give me a fucking break. It's pop music. Maybe experimental, indie pop music at that - but it's pop music. Now I'm not saying pop music is necessarily a bad thing, but I can't stand people who try to pass it off for something it's not - and I hate that with any kind of music trying to be passed for anything else that it's not.

And yeah, I just don't get what people are talking about when they say they're "so heavy" - I mean, yeah, I've heard songs with riffs and heavy distorted guitars - but it still didn't really change the big picture for me.

Oh yeah, and I've spent so much time telling people that frankly I don't hear a lot of difference between Muse and bands like Coldplay and The Killers, and they all treated me like I was fucking crazy, so I looked at their page.
Artists similar to Muse:

Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Coldplay, Radiohead, 30 Seconds to Mars, Keane, and The Arctic Monkeys.

Yes, but I'm the one who's crazy.

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