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Songs you hate from bands you love

It's late, and I'm tired, so only these few come to mind right now. I'll add more later as I think of them.

Lavatory Love Machine - Edguy
Sure, it's a fun song, but it's a sore spot on an otherwise flawless album. And I wish they would stop playing it live. Enough!

Summertime Girls - Y&T
Again, sure it's a fun song, but weak compared to their other material, and sadly it's their only real hit, and the only song a lot of people know by them.

Silent Lucidity - Queensryche (not that I really LOVE Ryche anymore but still, I hate this song)
This one is a sleeping pill for me. I never liked it. And it's even worse when they play it live and it's the damn highlight of the show for 2/3 of the audience.

Ballad of Jane - LA Guns
Same reasons as Silent Lucidity above.

Old School - Overkill
Meh, it's catchy, and sure it's sorta fun, but come on, enough already.

Symphony of Life - Avantasia
This song is just terrible.

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