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Couple things make me mad right now

1 - This is ANOTHER tour didn't come to Florida.

2 - Zombie's selection from the new album is horrid (altho the videos I seen would say Mars Needs Women plays great live). At least he's not playing Sick Bubble Gum. But what about Jesus Frankenstein? Virgin Witch? Those are two of the best three songs on the album...and the third is....

3 - They play a dumb solo, but Zombie has come out and said that they will probably never play The Man Who Laughs. What the fuck is up with that? Why not just play the damn song? It's one of the only good songs from the album.

With that said...the rest of his set looks awesome. He pretty much hits every other song from my 'A' list of Zombie songs. Wish I could of been there.
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