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The Gruesome Twosome -- Springfield, MO -- May 7th, 2010

Probably the fastest I have ever seen a large group into any concert ever. Line was several blocks long and literally was outside for like 15 minutes. Very well run. Not a big event w/o bootleg t-shirt guy. They were sellin shirts for $15-20. Wish I had more $ to burn. Oh well. 1 disgusting sight was some guy preaching to us about Church / Religon, etc.... Out of 140 + shows I never have seen anyone standing on a stool w/ megaphone preaching the word of god. Just disgusting... Welcome to the bible belt.... Onto the good news:

Alice Cooper
Wow just unbelievable. Seemed even more on fire than last time I saw him a couple years ago. Setlist wise nothing new but still not complaining. Thanks to one of my friends I was able to get all 3 of his setlists!!!! And even better found a pic on the floor. And on the front there was a hand doing the shocker!!! Probably the coolest pic I have ever seen. And was even able to get a couple of $100 bills w/ picture on it that he gives out during "Billion Dollar Babies". Unfortunately I just missed out on what could have been the greatest momento ever, during "School's Out" when he throws his cane in the crowd I had my hand on it and was fighting a brocore/frat boy for it. Got tired of fighting after a few minutes straight and just let it go. Oh well... life will go on. The Alice setlist for anyone who might not have known yet:

School's Out
Department Of Youth
I'm Eighteen
Wicked Young Man
Ballad Of Dwight Fry
Go To Hell
Cold Ethyl
From The Inside
Nurse Rozetta
Be My Lover
Only Women Bleed
I Never Cry
Vengeance Is Mine
Dirty Diamonds
Billion Dollar Babies
I Love The Dead
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Under My Wheels

Rob Zombie
Now onto the 5th time seeing Zombie. Still amazed they actually came through Springfield of all places while passing up several other markets. I am beggining to notice the amount of d bags that seem to encompass a Zombie crowd. Only lasted up front 5-6 songs, almost got into a fight so had to go and get some air. I want to thank Casper, WY for being the place where the idea for Zombie to close w/ "School's Out". Sorry that you aren't the only place where he closed w/ that but damn greatful that he did it for us. Even more amazing during the extended John 5 solo during "Thunderkiss" I see a bright flashlight and I'll be damned Rob Zombie is walking around the f'n arena!!!! Got to slap hands w/ him and he walked right by me. He did full lap around the arena. Very very cool that he did that. And oh my god the amount of bras onstage... That damn line of bras was amazing, literally stretching from the microphone from the left to the right. Looked like a damn Poison concert from '87. Glad I still got "Scum Of The Earth" jealous Cannada got "Supercharger Heaven". Also was hopefully of American Witch but still not complaining at all. Here is the Zombie set, not much different from his others but slightly different.

Blood In The Sawdust / Call Of The Zombie
What Lurks On Channel X?
Scum Of The Earth
Living Dead Girl
Let It All Bleed Out
More Human Than Human
Mars Needs Women
House Of 1,000 Corpses
Drum Solo
Demonoid Phenomenon
Never Gonna Stop
John 5 jamming... Did The Simpsons theme song (We were in Springfield.... Get it??? HAHA)
Thunder Kiss '65 / Rob Zombie hangin out in the crowd
Warewolf Women Of The SS
School's Out

Thanks for reading. Off to sleep for about 5 hours until I have to wake up and fight the internet crowd for tickets for Tool.
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