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This was my 2nd time seeing both corpse and skeletonwitch. All I can say was that skeletonwitch was fucking epic... only wish they had a longer set. 1349 Was good too but I'm not a big fan of black metal. Definately one of the most insane shows I've been to. I thought I was at a good spot for recording corpses set because I was to the right of the sound booth just at the top of the steps. I was wrong. As soon as they hit the stage people were pushing to get down the steps when the pit was already filled. So my cam was shakey. Then some idiots thought it would be a good idea to form a mini circle pit behind me. I'll be uploading the vids on YouTube soon. I also got skeletonwitchs set.

I got in there just in time for skeletonwitch... Was there a band before them?

Andrew I still want your job lol
5/20 Rammstein (Working)
5/24 SOAD (Working)
5/25 SOAD
6/14 Mötley Crüe (Working)
6/24 Children of Bodom
7/22 Soundgarden (Working)

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