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Dying Fetus -- Baltimore, MD -- May 6th, 2010

sonar club stage
first night of the tour with openers nightfire, conducting from..., annotations..., misery index and arsis

a sparky-less misery index got six songs, one of which was the title track of their new album, heirs to thievery, which will be released may 11. even as a three-piece, these guys tore up the stage!!

arsis continued the assault:

forced to rock
march for the sick
diamond for disease (shortened version)
shattering the spell
sightless wisdom
sadistic motives
face of my innocence

then fetus dealt the death blow:

praise the lord
your treachery...
eviscerated offspring
absolute defiance
epidemic of hate
homicidal retribution
conceived into enslavement
your blood isa my wine
killing on adrenaline
one shot one kill
ethos of coercion
skull fucked
grotesque impalement

pissing in the mainstream

"and here i die...satisfied"
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