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1. After Forever, only a few months before they went on hiatus & then broke up.
2. At the Gates
3. Pagan's Mind
4. Decapitated, pre-accident with Vitek & Covan.
5. Heaven and Hell
6. Saint Vitus
7. Amon Amarth in 2007 (First headlining tour, and still the best setlist they've done in the States)
8. Freak Kitchen
9. Ministry
10. Strapping Young Lad (SYL gets the nod over the Devin Townsend Band because Devy plays some DTB material live.)

Super unbelievably jealous of The Green and Black for having seen Sentenced. What makes it worse is that I just looked up the tourdates, and that tour hit PROVIDENCE. Sentenced were ten minutes from my house, and I didn't know who they were at the time
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