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Jungle Rot- Wanted to see them for years before I did, were one of my favorite bands almost since I first heard them, they never ever tour the US, etc.

Ghoul- Love Ghoul, they probably won't be playing much more, on top of the already small amount of shows they play, and I have been lucky enough to see them twice

General Surgery- Fucking awesome, Swedish goregrind bands don't come here to often

Abscess- at the time I did not appreciate this for what it was, but Abscess only do a handful of one off shows, and they rule, so to see them was awesome

Carcass- Arguably my favorite band, most likely the only chance I will get to see them

Iron Maiden- I realize everyone saw SBIT, but I love Maiden, and c'mon, that set was historic

Dragonforce- Because maybe one day seeing ZP will be like having seen Di'Anno

Turisas- First American tour
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