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To be really fair to Priest, I have to admit that I haven't seen them live since 1988. And I must say that I really enjoyed Rob's gig, opening for Maiden in 2000, I mean Electric Eye was a real fucking killer !!!


Slayer is so fucking intense in concert man, it's not even funny. They really want to take you by the balls and throw you away. It's my favourite band after Maiden so maybe I'm not objective but that's the way I truly see it. Their intensity is yet to be equal...

And I was comparing them to Priest, just to get HECHO pumped. I know he loves them. If they could just hit Montreal next year, I coud finally see them for the 3 rd time.

Hey HECHO, just since 2001 when they started touring for GHUA, I saw them 4 times and I had the previlege to have witnessed 9 songs from their first 3 albums (most of them more than once):

Die By The Sword
The Antichrist
Fight Till Death
Chemical Warfare
Haunting The Chapel
Captor Of Sin
Hell Awaits (my all time favourite )
At Dawn They Sleep

so yes they play their 3 first albums in concert.

Cheers !!!
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