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It would've been cool if when they did School's Out if they invited Cooper to sing it with them. But since it seems it was an on the spot type of thing Cooper probably had no knowledge of it. It would be nice to see if this is permanent or not and if they get Alice to join them next time

I'm not sure why you consider American Witch and Lords Of Salem subpar songs. They're actually two of the better ones on EH. Now his new album is where he's doing the subpar stuff. Playing crap like MNW and What? instead of Jesus Frakenstein is just mind boggeling. Also, while SBG isn't a great song it has a good live feel to it and it is a single so i'm surprised he's not playing that.

Alice's set is great as i've stated before on another thread about this tour. The only song I don't care for in his set is Dirty Diamonds. In fact I don't like that album at all. Something else from ACAS or something like Hey Stoopid that he hasn't played in forever would be much cooler in that spot.
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