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Top Ten Bands You Are Most Happy/Proud You've Seen

Basically a parallel thread to my other recent thread. Basically, it's pretty simple. These are NOT supposed to be the ten best shows you've seen, but the ten bands you are most happy/proud/satisfied that you have seen at least once. Whether it be because they broke up since, because they rarely tour (at least anywhere near you), or because they are just THAT good live - list 'em.

01.Edguy (technically 4x, but this just because I saw them on the original Hellfire Club tour in 2004)
02.Saxon (took about six years of waiting, but it finally happened and it was worth the whole wait and the cancellations)
03.Tad Morose
04.Pagan's Mind
05.Blind Guardian
06.Gamma Ray
07.Firewind (x2)
08.Jon Oliva's Pain (x2)
10.Primal Fear (x2 in two weeks)

Also a big runner up to Jag Panzer.
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