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1. Anthrax (not sure if this counts because they still don't have a line-up any more, but if they ever got their shit together I would REALLY want to see them)
2. Genesis (also not sure if this counts 'cause they just toured 3 years ago, but now I don't know if anything else is happening with them whatsoever since Phil Collins apparently can't drum now)
3. Kreator
4. My Dying Bride
6. Dark Tranquillity
7. Heaven and Hell (they still count as active, as far as I'm concerned) edit: WTF MASSIVE BRAIN FART, I HAVE SEEN THEM TWICE AND COUNT THOSE AS SOME OF THE BEST SHOWS IVE EVER SEEN WTF
8. Depeche Mode
9. M83
10. Clutch

runner up: Overkill
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