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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Yeah! Big Business was opening for the Melvins and really, all that happened was Buzz Osbourne came out when Big Business was playing and started doing Melvins songs, so I'm not entirely sure who the lineup of Big Business/Melvins actually is.
The Melvins lineup has changed quite a bit over the years, but right now it is Buzz Osborne (lead vocals, guitar, founder), Coady Willis on drums and Jared Warren on bass. Coady and Jared were the sole members of Big Business, up until recently when they added Toshi Kasai on guitar. He probably wasn't there when you saw them. Neither was Dale Crover, who was the drummer for the Melvins back in the day, and who isn't officially out of the band as far as I know. He's also part of Shrinebuilder now, has been a part of Nirvana for a short time, was married to Lori S. of Acid King, and has even played with Big Business before. Dude gets around.

So basically, they're the same group except for Buzz. More or less.
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