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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
In a rough order:

02.Fates Warning
03.Dio (Still have hope that I will get a chance)
I have seen all of these!

My list, well, there really arent too many bands I care about who are still active that I have not already seen, but there are a few. I love seeing any band I have never seen before, as along as they are good. So here's my list, not really in order except the top 3 are priority.

1) Andre Matos
2) Avantasia (I don't see why you said this can't be included, they have toured and heard they might be touring again, so it's possible.)
3) Gotthard
4) Immortal
5) Rainbow w/ Joe Lynn Turner and Jurgen Blackmore (Touring as Over The Rainbow)
6) Wolf
7) Foreigner (Kelly Hansen! Yes!)
8) Nocturnal Rites
9) Lillian Axe
10 Elvenking

And who wants to wager that Ravenheart has seen all of the bands on my list, whether he likes them or not.
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