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The Gruesome Twosome -- Casper, WY -- May 5th, 2010

Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie - Casper Events Center, Casper, WY - 5/5/10
No opening act, straight to Alice Cooper. As far as I know, this is the same set he's played for a while, which isn't a bad thing:

Alice Cooper

School's Out
Department Of Youth
I'm Eighteen
Wicked Young Man
Ballad Of Dwight Fry
Go To Hell
Cold Ethyl
From The Inside
Nurse Rozetta
Be My Lover
Only Women Bleed
I Never Cry
Vengeance Is Mine
Dirty Diamonds
Billion Dollar Babies
I Love The Dead
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Under My Wheels

Great set from 62-year-old Alice Cooper & his band. 2nd time I've seen him in 2 years, and he is one of the top performers I've seen to date.

Rob Zombie

Call Of The Zombie/Electric Head Pt. 1 Intro
What Lurks On Channel X?
Scum Of The Earth
Living Dead Girl
Let It All Bleed Out
More Human Than Human
Mars Needs Women
House Of 1,000 Corpses
Drum Solo
Demonoid Phenomenon
Never Gonna Stop
Thunder Kiss '65 (Long John 5 guitar solo in the middle)
Warewolf Women Of The SS
School's Out

(I'm 90% sure of the order, but I know those were all the songs played)

My expectations for Alice Cooper were met, I expected a kick-ass, entertaining show and that's what I got. I didn't expect a lot from Zombie. Last time I saw him perform back in '06, he didn't really wow me.

This time around was different. I'm not sure if this was a show-to-show antic, but the last time Zombie was in Casper, the stage was covered by bras by the end of the set. After Scum of the Earth, Zombie actually retrieved a long tied-together line of bras and said they were from the last visit to Casper. Other cool little things about the set, but I won't give that away.

The part of the night that really blew me away was after Dragula. All indications showed that that was the end of the set, they were out throwing guitar picks and drum sticks and waving. Then Rob Zombie got on the mic and said "I think you guys deserve another one, let's play one more. This is a song you've already heard tonight.". After a little on-stage huddle with the band, they got into position and got ready. Zombie then instructed the light and video screen guy to literally "wing it". He dedicated the last song to Alice Cooper before they closed with the 1st song the crowd heard from Alice Cooper at the start of the show, "School's Out". Zombie even remarked after the song that it was the 1st time they had ever played it. It's been a long, long time since I've felt like I was witnessing a unique and rare performance from such a big artist/band. It's nice (and ironic) for Casper, WY to get such a show.

They did cut American Witch and Lords of Salem. But I wasn't there to see those below-par tunes, I was there see good tunes and rarer tunes like Demonoid Phenomenon, Scum of the Earth & a great moment like School's Out for the 1st time. Rob, John 5, Piggy D & the mighty Joey Jordison were great tonight. I'm glad I stuck around for the whole set. Both Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie were equally great in my opinion. I am now looking forward to seeing Zombie again at Mayhem, but I doubt it'll be as good of a show as this was.
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