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I've done a pretty good job of seeing bands I love when the opportunity pops up, but that still leaves quite a few out in the cold. Here's a rough ten:

1. My Dying Bride
2. Nevermore
3. King Diamond
4. Immortal
5. Explosions in the Sky
6. Peter Gabriel
7. David Gilmour
8. Slough Feg
9. Cobalt
10. Atheist

Thought about putting Slayer and Metallica but I've skipped them both countless times so I guess experience shows that I apparently don't want to see them all that fucking bad. MDB make the list whether they ever play the States again or not, because I'll fly to see them if they say it's gonna be their last show or whatever. King Diamond, Peter Gabriel, and David Gilmour all make it on the assumption that they actually plan to tour ever again - none have said they wouldn't, but they also haven't...y'know, toured in quite some time. Cobalt make it on the assumption that Phil isn't talking out of his ass when he says they'll do some shows in late 2010 or 2011.
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