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Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
I really think that the Pittsburgh show is going to suck for them. Smalls is way too small for them to play and I don't even think it has video screen support. Add to that they're cutting out half of their audience, I do not think they'll be coming back to Pittsburgh.
GWAR uses video screen support and they have a contract with the venue since they cut their most recent live album there. And Dimmu Borgir were able to use their massive video screens at Smalls on their last US Headlining tour; granted the ticket was like $30..

I'm guessing the 21+ it might either have to do with the capacity of the place, or the Fan Club demand, because I noticed Fan Club members got early access into the venue at the Buffalo show, and the majority of them looked to be older. Still sucks though since it's a fantastic billing.
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