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This show was fucking incredible This was my first show in Lawrence and the Granada is great place to see show. There wasn't a bad band on the bill, and each one came out and kicked everyones ass.

Lecherous Nocturne was great. One of the best opening bands iv'e seen in a LONG time, the crowd actually reacted to them and seemed like they enjoyed them. The 2 or 3 dudes in the pit kept calling everyone up above pussies and i thougt that was fucking hilarious. 8/10

Next was Skeletonwitch. Before this show i never actually heard them but always heard great things about them...and now I see why. They fucking killed. The only problem was the vocals were weak up in front, other than that it was fucking great. 10/10

1349 was up next and never heard of them before so i had no idea what to expect. Then i saw the corpse paint and firgured they were black metal, still had no idea what to expect. If i had to judge all black metal shows on just them, i would go to more black metal shows. They came out, did there thing and kicked some ass. It took a little bit for the crowd to get moving but some curly haired guy finally got shit going. 8.5/10

I agree mankvill, that the great thing about this show was that everything was one time, no 30 minute set change, no delays, and no bullshit. Ive been to shows and had to wait for fucking ever for the next headliner to come on, but not this time. Cannibal Corpse came on in a matter of minutes 3rd time seeing Cannibal Corpse and this was BY FAR the best. This has to be one of the best shows ive been to. They came out totally destroyed. The crowd never stayed still, everyone was banging their head, moshing or doing something. They played a good mix of everything. Scattered Remains Splattered Brains was treat Priests of sodom was fucking killer. Would've liked to hear she was asking for it or vomit the soul, but im not complaing. Overall one of my favorite shows so far, fucking amazing.

And are you sure about the set Maks? the set i got at the show was different from what you posted.
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