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Porcupine Tree -- Buffalo, NY -- May 4th, 2010

Backstory: Porcupine Tree announces 2nd leg, includes Pittsburgh date, Pittsburgh date ends up being 21+, with Buffalo being the closest All Ages date. Since it's Porcupine Tree!!...and Bigelf!!, there was no way I was missing this. And so:

Bigelf: Seeing these guys at last year's Prog Nation really got me and I had high hopes for seeing these guys a second time, which really lived up to my expectations in a club setting. They only played 35 minutes, which was disappointing, but satisfying all the same. I really hope these guys go places, they're definitely one of the most underrated bands out there.

The Evils of Rock & Roll
Neuropsychopathic Eye
Hydra (w/ 'Disappear' passages)
Money, It's Pure Evil
Money Machine

Porcupine Tree: Steven Wilson can probably be best summarized as Geddy Lee doing his best Mikael Akerfeldt impersonation. Great frontman, professional, but really loose live. Same goes for the rhythm section.. And it was a truly revelational performance of their material for this tour. They announced their Radio City Music Hall show on September 24th which will conclude the touring cycle for the album. So I just had to see this before 'who knows when'... Of course there was a video wall for the performance in the same fashion as Mastodon where they show psychedelic visual aid to the album and whatever they could find to the other stuff..

The Incident - Disc 1
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Buying New Soul
Anesthetize (mid)
Stars Die
Way Out Of Hear
Bonnie The Cat
The Sound of Muzak
Trains (both dedicated to the Lava Records exec who was at the show apparently) has this as well, I suppose...
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