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07.Mozart and Madness (Savatage)
Finally. Killer song.

I'm torn about Believe. I love the song and actually think Tim does a great job with it vocally, and it says something about how great the song is that many people I know consider it the highlight of the TSO winter show since they started doing it. That being said, to me that song is so tied to Criss its really hard to hear that song without either Jon singing it or Criss playing it. Then again I'm just glad I got to hear it played live. I never saw it played live when Jon was doing it with his band or when Savatage played it. So I guess for purely selfish reasons I'm ok with it. But I'm certainly conflicted.

What I like less is that they redid and are playing "The Mountain" if anything to me that is more tied to Criss because of his amazing guitarwork in that song, and its so counter to the audience of TSO anyways, it just doesn't fit. Yes its tied to a composer but its much heavier and feature's much more of a metal vibe than any of their other stuff. If they had wanted to do another Savatage song they should have done Memory which is also off Dead Winter Dead. Its short but its much more in the wheelhouse of current TSO stuff.
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