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Burnt Offerings is a great album with shitty production. Thats all. I don't get why Schaffer hates it so much. Diary, Burning Oasis, Burnt Offerings, and Dante's Inferno are all killer tracks. Schaffer likes Dante's Inferno but understandably because of its length its not something you will probably ever see in a setlist for a full tour. But I'd love if they did Burnt Offerings from time to time, thats an awesome song.

Dark Saga is kind of a boring album. Question of Heaven is amazing and among their best songs, Violate is also good and Vengeance of mine and The Hunter are ok, but thats about it. Why the hell don't they ever play Red Baron or Attila live. Even when they toured with Ripper (at least when I saw them) they didn't play either of those. Instead they played the lame Greenface.

Still at least they played A Question of Heaven, they didn't when I saw them on the Something Wicked 2 Tour. Its probably just as well cause Matt was sick as a dog and sounded like crap. I hope they do another US tour soon or finally spit out that live album they have been holding on to since forever. Stupid SPV screwed everything up on that end.
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