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Man oh Man that was such a fun as hell night. Before the show I met both George and Alex outside and got pictures with them , me and a group of friends got talking with George and he was ranting 'bout the US border patrol and whatnot it was funny as hell even a guy wrapped his arms around corpsegrinder and said to him "hey George do u want a bite of my burger?" and George said "No" and we all started cracking up. Plus when I went inside the opera house I was lucky to have met Pat, Paul, and Rob they were all nice as hell guys and I got a picture with all three. Pat and Rob then gave me guitar picks since I asked them if they had any. I was also the guy who got George to dedicate I Will Kill You to the emos, "This next song go's out to a guy who wanted me to dedicate this to the emos" and I'm like "That's me" and George go's "I know it's you". Plus as Corpse's set was wrapping up, it was fucking bullshit that Pat had a beer can thrown at his chest, so I was lucky to have gotten a picture with him because he didn't come out afterwards. So after the show me and my friend got to drink with Corpsegrinder and shoot the shit with him for an hour along with another friend of mine and a few other people , Corpsegrinder was a bit miffed that his Washington Capitals got eliminated in game 7 by the Montreal Canadiens so he said to the promoter of inertia entertainment "Fuck the Habs" in reference that the promoter was wearing a Habs jersey. But this was by far one of the best nights i've ever had.
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