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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Most likely they would - I'm just sayin' "if" by some odd chance. They could always elect to substitute something like "Summit" (which wouldn't disappoint me at all, especially since I've heard "Neonate" live now), or "Revolution in the Water". I wish they'd play "Sutter's Fort" live someday, but that'll probably never happen.

EDIT: Now if they were to add say, IntrOnaut, Grayceon, Cormorant, Ludicra, La Fin du Monde, Helms Alee or Red Fang to that bill...
(the first three have albums potentially due out this year, btw...)
I haven't seen them yet, so I'd be bummed out if they didn't play it. Although I very well could be seeing them again at some point throughout the summer. My summer is going to be chock full of shows.

As per Arthur of Cormorant himself, they aren't looking for shows actively, but if an awesome one came to them, they'd take it. I think this would count as an awesome one. I bet if Squid is on there, Grayceon will be too, unless Squid has a long set.
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