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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
It totally does. Young people are far more likely to like what's trendy at the time, older people are far more likely not to change their views and keep researching and getting into new bands. Not entirely through attitude, but perhaps through not having the time with families and so forth.
Thought about it some and younger people also have a problem not admitting to guilty pleasures because it's 'not cool'.

Also, with that, comes times of your life where something happened and band _____ was what you were listening to, and that memory is forever in your head when you hear them, even if musically they aren't what you normally listen to now. Or genre _____ comes out and you got that time of your life so you forever like those bands, but the younger (and also older) person doesn't understand the whole thing because they didn't experience it while it was happening. If that makes any sense...

And like it or not, these are the foundations to what kind of music you like today. If a kid grows up with only Slayer, he's never going to understand clean vocals, or it's going to take a lot of work anyway. Works the other way around too. If a kid grows up with something like Korn, it's going to take awhile for them to understand any band that is musically based with fast guitars and double bass kicks.
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