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What a perfect day for a concert. It was just starting to get cloudy and sprinkle before the doors opened to let in the crowd, so inside it wasn't very hot at all. Made for a great show with some amazing performances by all the bands.

First up was Lecherous Nocturne from South Carolina. They had great energy, but the sound was hit or miss for them for most of the set. Despite that, they were a technical death metal band in the vein of Portal, who I thought they sounded like at times. The vocalist did a good job at interacting with the crowd and had the ingenious idea to give away a copy of their new album to the person who kept the mosh pit going the longest during one of their songs. I bet they sound awesome on album, but I'd like to see them again and hear them better live.

It was my fifth time seeing Skeletonwitch live and although I wish they would've played for longer and added a few more songs, they absolutely killed me. Cannibal Corpse made a dire mistake taking them on this tour, because I was absolutely drained by the end of their performance. The sound was pretty great, and their playing was spot on. I always wreck my neck to Skeletonwitch and last night was no exception. Sacrifice to the Slaughtergod, Crushed Beyond Dust and, of course, Within My Blood were the perfect trifecta of headbanging of the night. Amazing.

A really awesome thing about this show was that it was exactly on time. None of the bands forced the crowd to wait longer than they had to, which was good because I figured 1349 would do that because Norwegian black metal bands tend to have a complex like that. Nope. They came out and despite a few sound problems during the first half of their set, they destroyed. Only one guitarist on this tour, but it really didn't matter. They just cranked up the bass and when it sounded good, it sounded REALLY good. I couldn't hear Frost's drums too much during the set which is a shame; I know what kind of talent he has. The rest of the band did a great job at invoking some sort of unholy spirit to guide us through a blistering set of pure black metal including one absolutely crushing rendition of Sculptor Of Flesh. The new stuff sounded great as well. They probably won't be back around these parts for a while, so I'm really glad I got to witness this spectacle.

Also my 5th time seeing Cannibal Corpse and all I can say is WOW. They really hit their back catalogue for this one. They started off the set with Scalding Hail from their newest album (and I think that's the first time I've heard that live) but most of the songs that followed were probably older than most of the crowd there in attendance. I Will Kill You, The Cryptic Stench, Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains and Devoured By Vermin were some of the best times I've ever had at a concert and Death Walking Terror, Disfigured, A Skull Full Of Maggots and, of course, Hammer Smashed Face still are absolutely crazy awesome. Lots of great Corpsegrinder moments, lots of crowd surfing, lots of pits, and lots of headbanging. What more can you ask for? Cannibal Corpse is on top of their game and on top of the current death metal world and with sets like these, they're going to stay there for a long time.
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