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Originally Posted by cristianrock View Post
I would like to hear songs from Youthanasia or Countdown....they had a great bunch of songs, but they don't like to change the "hits songs", I hate to compare but Metallica change the setlist everynight, that's awesome, Dave should learn of that, always these shows are predictable.

I would love to hear:

Train of Consequences
Foreclosure Of A Dream
This Was My Life
Dread and The Fugitive Mind
There are negatives and positives to keeping the sets the same and switching them around. When you keep the set the same the band sounds a lot tighter and everything sounds as close to perfect as you can get. Plus, people who are going to a show expecting to hear certian songs won't feel cheated at all since the band will do them. Switching it up every night is cool because there's an element of surprise but it aslo can cause the band to sound a little off if they don't do the song every night. Plus, if someone goes to see Metallica expecting to hear Creeping Death and For Whom The Bell Tolls but they get Harvester Of Sorrow and Fuel instead they could get upset at that.

Everyone has their own way which works for them when playing live. They each have their ups and downs. There's not really a perfect way to do a live show at all. Of the Megadeth songs you've listed Dread & The Fugitive Mind I would say has the best chance of appearing again. I wouldn't be expecting the other ones at all. TOC might have a chance of getting back to but that wouldn't be too wise of a descision since I think that song ranks up there with the stuff on Risk as one of Mustaine's worts songs.
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