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Originally Posted by jotun2graveland View Post
I do hope that Baroness keeps in "Swollen and Halo" when I see them. And since the Blue Album is quite fantastic, I can manage a set heavy with songs from it (despite the Red Album being amazing).
And it's good to hear that Brent wasn't acting up (during not perfect sound), compared to what's been said from the last couple of shows on this tour.
as said before he did stop a song and bitch out someone in the audience. there's a bar right next to the venue, Rialto's, that all the ppl hang at after shows and the musicians know that. one friend asked him what was up with that, and he said something like "that asshole had been heckling me since before the show." OK, but seems to me a professional 10 years in would've learned to ignore a heckler

now on to the EPIC part. Another friend of mine got punched in the face by Brent Hinds. That sounds really fucked up, unless you knew the kid. He doesn't know when to stop drinking and starts shit. Anyway he keeps fucking with Brent. Saying shit like "How'd that pussy faget from SOAD put you in the hospital? He's a skinny bitch!" and just being a dick. Brent takes it in stride for awhile, then they sorta start play pushing each other. Well we know how that always ends. Table gets knocked over, glasses break, dude throws a bunch at Brent and misses and then Brent just cold cocks him. "Dude, I can't believe you just hit me." priceless.
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