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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
I think it is quite weak, which is a huge disappointment for me coming from the epic Conquer. It has mediocre tracks, only standouts being Bloodbath..., Off With Their Heads, Great Depression (hands down the best), Rise Of The Fallen, and Mega-Doom. And three of those are really not that great in general. Soulfly VII is pretty as well I suppose. Compared to Conquer it's a huge downgrade.
It's kinda funny, if you put the tracks you mentioned, with the tracks I mentioned, it's basically the entire album. I think it's too early to say if it's a let down for me, Conquer didn't stand out right away either and this is about the same, altho it does seem like a bit of a down grade. Still, in a weak 2010 for new releases, this still may end up top 10 by the end of the year.
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