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Originally Posted by scouinci View Post
One of the most disapointing show I've attended...
jfac only played 45 minutes, their sound sucked, the vocals couldnt be heard
Except for the vocalist the whole band stand still. at all except when Johny turned the p.a. in front of the crowd 2/3 into the show because people kept asking for louder vocals
I miss the days where headliners would play at least 1h15
The crowd also sucked, no decent moshpit at all during jfac, there was one during whitechapel at least but I don't really care for them.
Wow, and I thought I that I missed a good show there...45 minutes?? What the hell is this crap? The setlist is not long enough, what's with that? Glad I didn't pay for this show after all...
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