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OverKill -- Springfield, VA -- April 30th, 2010

WOOHOO KILLFEST 2010. Fucking tired so I'll do the sets first and see how long I last with the review:

Woe Of Tyrants:

Infected Nation
We Who Are About to Die
Time No More
Enter the Grave

Living In A Whirlwind
Severed Reality
Total War
Pray for Death
Senseless Life
Combat Shock

God Dethroned [may be missing one]:
Soul Sweeper
Under a Darkening Sky
Poison Fog
Villa Vampiria

Vader [may be missing one/out of order]:
This is the War
Rise of the Undead

The Green And Black
Rotten To The Core
Wrecking Crew
Hello From The Gutter
Feel The Fire
Bare Bones
Gasoline Dream
Bring Me The Night
Old School
Fuck You/Sonic Reducer

Right, got to Jaxx at some silly time like 2:15, met my friend who had just arrived, and then started waiting. Fantastic, ran into some friends from other shows and some bands I'll be playing with soon, so that passed the time. It got to be about 1-2 hours before doors and the "VIP" line forms. Jaxx has recently been selling VIP tickets for a higher price, with a Meet N Greet, plus early entrance. What bugged me was that the VIP line ended up being larger than the regular line. Now, to me, it seems a bit unfair that I show up 5 hours early to see a band, but could've dropped $50 on a ticket and then showed up at an hour before doors. It dicks over everybody else that chooses to wait and fight for a spot on the rail. Enough of my bitching though, doors open, rush inside, grab rail, all is well.

Local opener. Bunch of pussies called Krass Judgement. Nobody seems to like them and they've been around forever. Yawn. Apparently grabbed an amp head that wasn't theirs. More on that later.

Woe of Tyrants comes on, and were decent. The singer has an awful technique, almost all throat, not chest (if that makes sense, I'm not a vocalist). They got some heads banging though, and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Evile up next. Second time seeing them, since their American debut with Kreator. I was really disappointed that they played an identical setlist to their Kreator show; but they seemed much more confident this time around, probably since they've toured the USA now, and were on more "familiar" territory. Tight playing, Ol Drake is a walking guitar clinic, it's ridiculous.

WARBRINGER! One of my favorite bands, seen them a good 4-5 times now. Opening up with the first three from their newest album, followed by their magnum opus Total War, then a few others. Anybody who has ever seen Warbringer and reviewed here has already said it all, I'm not going to mindlessly reiterate it.

God Dethroned was plagued by equipment problems, and a certain apathy on stage. They seemed to not really want to be on this tour at all, and it showed. Cool songs, but didn't really convince me to look into them afterwards.

Vader is a really badass band I've really been wanting to see. They totally ruled, but the crowd at that point didn't rule at all. Bunch of drunk assholes trying to get up on the rail just really put a damper on my enjoyment of the set. Got a guitar pick from Piotr, rocked out to the rest of their set, then abandoned my hard-fought rail spot so the drunkards would stop ruining my night. Found a spot on the side, for the headliner.

Finally saw OverKill! They'd been around a bunch of times but there'd always be a reason I couldn't make it. And, with the performance I just witnessed, I'm even more upset about that. Again, I'm not going to babble on about OverKill, others have said it much more eloquently than I, and I am way too tired to write out a detailed review. Killer set.

Post-sleep, hindsight thoughts:

Vader's mix seemed a bit odd, almost no kick-drum.
Every band seemed to have poor vocal mixing from where I was on the rail, almost drowned out entirely
Blitz is ripped. Damn.
DD had to run outside after Bare Bones, I think he was overheated, Blitz said he was taking a shit; Blitz did say that "oh yeah, I remember this place, it's like playing in hell"

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