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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
This brings up an interesting thought I had, more of an observation really, that today's bands sometimes really lack the "character development" that a lot of classic (or just pre 1995-ish) bands had. Most bands I listen to that have debuted in the past dozen years, their debut is one of if not easily their best record, whereas back in the 70s and 80s I think bands usually took a while to "find themselves", as well as acquire the budget and time to make a great album. Most old bands I like, my favorite record is usually like their 3rd one or so. Great debuts seemed to be more of a rarity back then, whereas bands these days tend to come out strong and then crap out and stagnate by their 3rd or 4th album.
I think some of it has to do with back then the game was different in that there was less competition/saturation in all styles of music, which means you didn't have to stand out imemdiately, so if you were a band you could dedicate yourself to making music all the time and developing a sound as you develop your skills, whereas now "bands" usually start as the concept of one or 2 dudes who then fill out the group and its less of a band collaborating over a period of time eventually forming its own collective identity than it is the projection of one individual's vision (the band "leader" per se). The less cohesion there is means that bands fizzle out quicker, the creative mover burns out or exhausts their vision and can't find new inspiration, or the role players get tired and unmotivated, personalities and egos are already difficult enough to manage in a band construct as it is without having forged the lasting bonds of being poor and struggling to survive together, sucking at your instruments together, and eventually through hard work achieving higher levels of expression and in short better music. Today to stand out and get noticed you have to kickass right away, so there's less time/room for development, unless you don't care and choose to take the time to develop cohesion and a singular vision as a band rather than being a collection of individuals gathered to play songs written by primarily one or maybe 2 people with no one else really being emotionally or spiritually invested in it.
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