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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
can't think of any great post-90 bands that didn't come out the gates swingin per se.
This brings up an interesting thought I had, more of an observation really, that today's bands sometimes really lack the "character development" that a lot of classic (or just pre 1995-ish) bands had. Most bands I listen to that have debuted in the past dozen years, their debut is one of if not easily their best record, whereas back in the 70s and 80s I think bands usually took a while to "find themselves", as well as acquire the budget and time to make a great album. Most old bands I like, my favorite record is usually like their 3rd one or so. Great debuts seemed to be more of a rarity back then, whereas bands these days tend to come out strong and then crap out and stagnate by their 3rd or 4th album.
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