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Originally Posted by The Green and Black View Post
The box is less magical than I hoped it would be. The booklet is just a thick CD booklet thrown in the over sized slip case, with the two albums in digipacks. The quality of the digipacks are horrible, as the color tends to chip off. I have already touched mine up with a sharpie more times than I care to count. And I have only had this album for about a week, and I have been extrememly careful with it. If I see the individual albums in regular cases, I'll probably buy them again.
I haven't had nearly this amount of trouble with mine, but I have barely touched them at all. The digipacks are crap quality, so I took the booklets out of them and have just had them sitting out to browse through and read lyrics, rather than put them in and take them out of the little sleeve.

By the way, this is where having an mp3 player comes in handy, I never have to touch the discs, so they will remain in mint condition.
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