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Overkill -- Dallas, TX -- April 28th, 2010

Things where all kinds of fucked up with the show but I'm not gonna go into everything. I have no clue what WOT, GD or Vader played and everyone except for us and Overkill got really short sets. And we had to go on after Overkill so we pretty much played for the owner, the staff and like 5 of our friends.

1) Infected Nation
2) We Who Are About to Die
3) Cemetery Gates

Warbringer might have done another track but I'm not sure

1) Jackal
2) Total War
3) Combat Shock

1) The Green And Black
2) Rotten To The Core
3) Wrecking Crew
4) Battle
5) Hello From The Gutter
6) Feel The Fire
7) Ironbound
8) Coma
9) Bare Bones
10) Gasoline Dream
11) Overkill
12) Bring Me The Night
13) Elimination
14) Necroshine
15) Old School
16) Fuck You/Overkill/Fuck You

I know no one really cares but how often do you get to post your own setlist.
1) On The Outside
2) Welfare Case
3) Lambs To The Slaughter
4) The Skull Beneath The Skin
5) Destruction Of Justice
6) New One (right now it's just an instrumental)
7) My Mind Is A Cell
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