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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
I don't get why some of you want to hear songs Maiden has already done 97979438573497 times, but whatever.

Out of the songs maiden has never performed live, they can pick the setlist plus Lightning Strikes Twice and To Tame A Land.
Keep in mind that there are some areas like where I live, that Maiden haven't played in awhile. The last time they came around here was in 2000. I haven't seen them since then. Money and work issues have prevented me from taking time off to see them over the last ten years. I'm finally gonna do that this summer though, since my money situation is OK right now, i'm making the close to 4 hour trip to see them in Pittsburgh. They don't exactly make it convenient for some people to see them. That's exactly why some have the standard songs in their dream sets. They either haven't seen them in a long time like me, or they haven't seen them at all yet.

As for them playing Lightning Strikes Twice, why the hell should they bother with that? I like the song actually, and always thought it would be cool to hear Bruce sing it. But at this point why play something off your worst selling album that was disliked by so many, including a lot of Maiden fans? When I saw them in 2000 and they did The Clansman everyone stood around with a "what the fuck?" look on their faces. If the wanna kill the crowd they can play something off that album but I don't see the point to doing that at all.
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