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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Hmmm wow. I know that neither band puts out Opeth/DT length songs but 15 songs for Zombie vs 21 for Alice is quite the shocker. I know that maybe Coopers song might be a little shorter but still.... What Lurks On Channel X is more of intro rather than song & throw in a drum solo and that's down to 15 songs. I'm psyched for Alice's set b/c its a little different than when I saw him a couple years ago but this Zombie set is pretty close to what I saw w/ him in KC only w/ less songs. I'm still damn greatful it's only an hour away from me but figured Zombie might get a little longer. I wonder if it's consistently going to be Cooper opening or if they will switch it off every night? Thanks for finding this, I've been very anxious to find this!!!!
Well, the band actually plays "What Lurks on Channel X?", if that helps.
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