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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
You're not gonna wanna do that. Doesn't matter much what he plays, he's a consummate showman and always puts on an incredibly fun gig.
I know, i've seen Zombie before. But if you're taking about putting on a fun show and being a consummate showman, no one really comes close to Alice Cooper in that category. When I saw Cooper open for Heaven & Hell in 2007 they couldn't even outshine Cooper. That's saying a lot about his show. Plus, Cooper has gained such a legendary status both musically and as a live performer that he should only be opening for artists who are of equal status. I have no problem if he opened for bands like Maiden, Priest, H&H, Ozzy or Metallica, who are all on or above his level. But Zombie is not there yet.

As for Ravenhearts comment about Alice not changing the set, I think it's just because he is continuing the Theater Of Death tour. Maybe he decided not to change it so he can get as many people as possible to see this tour theme. I'm guessing once he records a new album and tours for that the set will be altered. Regaurdless I still think it's a very cool set, he's got some cool tunes in there that he hasn't played steadily for awhile now.
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