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Amon Amarth -- Springfield, VA -- April 26th, 2010

Man what a fucking night. Prob outside of Holy Grail, which weren't my thing, this was prob one of the best shows ive ever been too.
First up was Cab Ride Home. now i know alot of people give local bands shit, but i really think if these guys keep at it, and don't fuck around, i can very easily see them get signed to someone like metal blade or nuc blast, as they have an old school thrash sound. Dan the singer got up in everyone's face and we all sang along. During One Last Round, he took my lighter and healed it up for the open, as its about doing a round for someone that you lost. Then for Drunk on Arival, he got everyone that was in a local band up on stage to rock out

second was Holy Grail, wasn't a real big fan of theirs. They're kind of like a mix between priest and maiden but for some reason i just couldn't get into them

Next up was the Mighty Tyr. They apparently got to the venue about 15 or 20 min before sound check, so they ended up borrowing equipment and what not from Holy Grail. And also, since they were late, they had to cut down their set
Hold The Heathen Hammers High
Sinklars Visa
Hail To the Hammer
By The Sword In My Hand

with banter, it was a little under 30 min long, for being late, they sounded great and very tight. Here's some vid i took of Sinklars Visa

And finally, Amon Fucking Amarth. Wow is all i can say to describe these guys. I have to hand it to jaxx and the sound guys, as they sounded as flawless as can possibly be. Johann Hegg is an amazing death metal vocalist, and it showed
Their setlist was the same

and this pic is just pure fucking win
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