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Another great review, I agree on most, if not all counts, especially this part -

Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Things get worse with the next tune, which is definitely my least favorite song across both discs. "Symphony of Life" stands out as obviously not written by Tobias Sammet, but instead by guitarist/producer Sascha Paeth. The combination of all the weird keyboards, gothic choirs, female vocals, electronic noises, and simple down-tuned riffs make for an overall affect I couldn't be less crazy about. This track comes off sounding like a mix of Evanescence and lacuna Coil, neither of which are bands I feel I should be mentioning at all in a review of something Tobias Sammet has done. This track is solely sung by Cloudy Yang, who is OK, but I'm really just not a fan of these sort of vocals at all. This is the only song here I would call a total misfire, and it certainly has upset a lot of other long-time Sammet fans like myself. it is one of only maybe 2 or 3 songs total that I would say these albums didn't need, and it is definitely the most extreme offender.
Favorite tracks for me, in no particular order, Stargazers, Angel of Babylon, Your Love Is Evil, Death Is Just a Feeling, and Promised Land. The only two tracks on here that I don't care for are Symphony of Life for reasons which you perfectly stated above, and Alone I Remember, since it sounds like Skid Row's Monkey Business and ABBA had a bizzare love child in Germany. It's not a bad song, it's average, I just can't get into it much.
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