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Sonata Arctica -- Hollywood, CA -- April 24th, 2010

Tetris (Themes B And C)
Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man
Storm Eagle
Transformers Theme
Drum Solo
Power Rangers

Sonata Arctica
Flag In The Ground
Black Sheep
Paid in Full
The Last Amazing Grays
Last Drop Falls
8th Commandment
Dead Skin
The Cage
Keyboard Solo
Guitar Solo
In Black and White
Don't Say a Word/Vodka/Everything Fades To Gray

Wow, I thought someone would have posted this by now. PowerGlove were great as always. They did have problems during the set and after they announced Mario Minor the bass started to have problems so to pass time the drummer did his solo from their headlining shows. After they got the bass working they had to skip the song due to time constraints.

Sonata really impressed me. Their set lists from past shows have been lacking IMO but this show they brought it. When I heard the opening part of 8th Commandment I went insane! Great performance overall.
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