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Nice Review! We already talked a lot of this, but I'll make my contribution to the thread for discussion sake. I agree on just about all points about this album, such as Scales of Justice, no idea what they were thinking with that middle part, and both Crestfallen and Black Wings do nothing for me at all. I was going to point out that Runaway Train was quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well, and mention the Savatage vibe I was feeling from it, but I see you already covered that in your review. I could almost hear Jon Oliva singing and playing piano on this track, that alone makes it a standout for me, not to mention the great talent already on this song. My favorites on this album are easily (not in any particular order) The Wicked Symphony, Wastelands, Blizzard On A Broken Mirror, Runaway Train and States of Matter. Next in line would be Forever is a Long Time and Dying for An Angel. While I don't care for Black Wings or Crestfallen. I like The Edge, but I'm sorta indifferent to it. And yes, I can hear the Bon Jovi reference you made regarding this track. I have only had these albums for about 3 days now, so I suppose my opinions are subject to change a bit. Like you said with The Scarecrow, I dug that one out the other night, and was almost surprised how good it was. I mean, I liked it before, but after all this time, I was almost in love with it. So that album certainly has the power over time to become a favorite. I recommend to anyone who has The Scarecrow and hasn't played it in awhile to give it a listen. As for which I prefer more, Wicked Symphony or Angel of Babylon, that's a tough one. Originally I said Angel of Babylon because I didn't care for a few tracks on Wicked, but there are just as many I don't care for on Angel, such as Symphony of Life which I could have done without. I'll save the rest of my comments on this album for your Angel of Babylon review.
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