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Skeletonwitch -- Springfield, VA -- April 23rd, 2010

Wow. My neck hurts, my hair is fucked, and my voice is shot. The first proper Cannibal Corpse tour in about 2 years, which is an event in of itself. The only thing more important to me than that, is the mighty Skeletonwitch. Before I get into my total fellatio of the Witch, the setlists I got.


Diabolic (Full titles thanks to Bloodcurse):
Marked For Banishment
Excisions of Exorcisms
Engulf the Enchantress
Evil in Disguise(Possibly cut, instead of the next one)
Supreme Evil (Possibly cut, instead of the previous)

Submit to the Suffering
Upon Wings of Black
Repulsive Salvation
Sacrifice to the Slaughter God
Fire From the Sky
Stand Fight and Die
Limb From Limb
Beyond the Permafrost
Strangled by the Unseen Hands
Blinding Black Rage
Within My Blood

Cab Ride Home:
Into Oblivion
Bullets & Pepperoni
One Last Round
Drunk on Arrival
Drunken improvisation: For Whom the Bell Tolls/Walk/Master of Puppets/Pursuit of Vikings/Raining Blood

My friend and I got into the venue early, but our friend with our tickets hadn't arrived yet, so we were stuck just chatting. We went around the back and said hi to Corpsegrinder, who was wearing and INFERNAL MAJESTY shirt. Then a bit later we chatted with the lead guitarist of Diabolic, discussing Gospel of the Horns, then Maryland death metal bands for a bit. We finally got into the venue and had missed the local opener plus half of Lecherous Nocturne; though they played really well, I want them to come back so I can pay more attention to them.

Diabolic began setting up, with their comically oversized drum rack. They also played really well, lot's of awesome riffs and whammy abuse. They played for just under half an hour, since they took up too much time setting up they had to cut one of their last two, I don't know which one.

Then the all-powerful SKELETONWITCH began setting up. This was my first time ever seeing them, they'd been in the area before though in a venue just out of reach, or with a 21+ age limit. Anyway, they sound check, then churn out 45 minutes of incredible black-thrash. The only flaw I could find with them is that they didn't play "Baptized in Flame" which is one of my favorites off of Beyond the Permafrost. After they finished, I ran to the merch table, picked up the 'Witch tour shirt, patch, the Worship the Witch EP (vinyl) and Breathing the Fire (vinyl), and then went around the back of the venue to try and find the dudes while Cannibal Corpse set up and played (Cannibal Corpse DID change their setlist, according to the singer of Lecherous Nocturne).

And I did, they all signed my Worship the Witch EP (Nate the guitarist signed it "N8 Feet Under") then chatted with MulletChad the drummer of 'Witch for a good time about general bullshit, and then some other people we knew.

Important note for this show, CC had to be in Boston at 8 AM the 24th, so they went on at 9:30, and the venue put on popular local band Cab Ride Home after them to close the show out. CC ended at about 11, and all their stuff was struck down and loaded out. Cab Ride Home came on around 11:45, to an audience of about 20, including me. They played valiantly to the minuscule crowd, for a good hour.

In summary, I finally saw Skeletonwitch and they totally exceeded my expectations. I didn't stay inside for Cannibal Corpse, since I had already seen them and didn't want to have to deal with all the people inside the venue.

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