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This was the first time I got to use my VIP all-access pass at Sandstone, so I got into their little VIP club by the parking lot, but there wasn't food there like last time. I'm sure I'll utilize it more at other shows.

I arrived at the venue right at about 5 but it seemed that Stardeath & The White Dwarfs performed at 4:15, so I was really bummed I missed them. They usually open their shows with a cover of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" which would've been crazy. Oh well.

As I walked to my seat, The Ette's started playing. They're pretty cool, a standard garage rock/indie rock outfit with female vocals. I thought their bassist did a pretty good job too. Enjoyable.

I had heard great stuff about White Rabbits, especially live, and when they were good, they were REAL good. They veer just enough into the noise rock genre to give their sound something unique. Also really liked their use of piano/keyboards. Sometimes when their more experimental side came out it got kinda hard to follow, but overall they were real good.

It seems that Minus The Bear was the first band of the day that people in the audience were familiar with. While I listened, I recognized some of the songs from the radio, but I couldn't tell you which they were. At points there were too mellow for me, but at other times it was pure indie rock bliss.

Jack White's new band, The Dead Weather, was the big pull for a lot of people at this show. Mr. White & Co. started off with a bang, covering "Forever My Queen" by doom metal masters Pentagram. Pretty much the highlight of the night. The rest of their set showed just how southern stoner rock can sound so good. The vocalist shrieks like Karen O and Jack played guitar on a few songs and he's still a demon on the frets. A lot heavier than I would've ever guessed. As a metalhead, a pleasant surprise.

Funnest show of the year, all years. That's all you can really say with The Flaming Lips. Whereas at Wakarusa 2008, Wayne took too long to talk to the crowd and his voice was shaky at times, the band was spot on here. Different versions of Yoshimi Pt. 1 and She Don't Use Jelly were awesome, better than the originals. The crowd really kicked into overdrive during The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song and it was the highlight of the night. Lots of singing along, a stupid ridiculous amount of confetti and baloons, naked LSD chicks on the screen behind them and, of course, Wayne in a giant hamster ball out on the audience. So much fun.
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