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Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
Is that the band with the Julie Christmas chick you're always on about?

I met some more musicians in other bands who know her at the Caspian / Red Sparowes show last Sunday, and every time I do that, people keep confirming to me that she is totally off her rocker (but in a good way ). I've seen them live, and she is one crazy broad. I was actually intimidated to try and meet her after their set (not that she was around anyway - their guitar player told me she has to decompress for like thirty minutes after a set...).

Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
... wait... I can't be the only one on this board to have actually seen Ludicra, can I?
Between B-Rad and Cameron and me, yeah, but not necessarily the whole board. I'm pretty sure Addi has seen them, for instance. He's a big Ludicra fan.
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