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Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
Despite being ill, Laurie screamed into the microphone like the banshee she is, flailing and stomping around like a pissed off mental patient. She'll seriously do anything, including crawling around and laying down on the floor whilst still screaming.
You need to check out Made Out of Babies. Seriously.

Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
No Clean White Void, eh? That's easily my favorite on the new record, but that's still cool. I'd like to see Ludicra one o' these days.
Yeah, that's a purty good tune. I'm kinda partial to "A Larger Silence" myself.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Fucking massholes. :I
Tombs has to get more interesting before the crowds will start sticking around.
8/1 SummersLaughter
8/10 Boris / Atlas Moth / SubRosa
9/8 Man or Astro-Man?

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