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Originally Posted by LIVEtoROCK86 View Post
Before "The Last Baron", the show was great! I honestly thought the sound was awesome and that they were playing really well. But when Brent freaked out, and I mean FREAKED out...the band just looked like a deer in headlights. Troy especially. You could tell he just wanted to put on an awesome show and Brent was just crashing it into the ground. From that point on it just seemed like they weren't focused. You could just sense the lack in energy. And I fucking LOVE Mastodon. It was painful to watch a band you love crumble a bit on the stage. But hey, it happens. And I hate to say it, but BTBAM owned Mastodon last night.
I know that must've sucked, but you gotta remember, Brents had head trauma, so he must get kinda weird sometimes, and he's the kinda guy that if something's not goin right, he's gonna let you know about it, cuz he takes pride in his work, I mean it probably wasn't the right time to throw a fit, but it's nothing against them as musicians, they're always stellar
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